Intravaia Risk Management Group LLC would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for all the clients we have had the privilege to work with in the past, present and future.

Intravaia will again be a vendor at the  2019 Seattle Film Summit  - The Northwest's Premier Film Market! Sat. Nov 16, 2019 at 9:00am - Sun. Nov 17, 2019 at 5:00pm PST held at the Hyatt Regency Seattle's Southport. In 2017, Intravaia started providing technical advising for the motion picture industry. Now more than ever, scripts and motion pictures must reflect current trends in the criminal justice system such as genealogy and use of CODIS.

Intravaia will again be a vendor at the 2019 Seattle Film Summit - The Northwest's Premier Film Market! Sat. Nov 16, 2019 at 9:00am - Sun. Nov 17, 2019 at 5:00pm PST held at the Hyatt Regency Seattle's Southport. In 2017, Intravaia started providing technical advising for the motion picture industry. Now more than ever, scripts and motion pictures must reflect current trends in the criminal justice system such as genealogy and use of CODIS.

This video is a must watch. The real Election Interference is explained and what we have to look forward to in 2020:

08/23/19: We receive at a minimum 12 calls a month from women of high net worth requesting background investigations into these scams, before and after they have wired money to a men they have never met: US prosecutors charged 80 people — mostly Nigerians — in the widespread conspiracy that defrauded at least $6 million from businesses and vulnerable elderly women. Here is a much more detailed article which outlines the facts of the case/s:

Combat Systems Symposium

November 20-21, 2019
Location: Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel at 900 S Orme St, Arlington, VA
Theme: Deliver, Sustain and Modernize Lethal Combat Systems in the Age of Digital and Model Based Engineering

“Digital engineering approaches and methods are a key enabler to delivery of affordable capability to the warfighter with speed and lethality. The Department of the Navy has proactively embraced digital engineering and believes it is the way we must execute business in the 21st century.” Mr. William Bray, DASN (RDT&E)

In June 2018, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (USD(R&E)) released a Digital Engineering Strategy built on five foundational elements necessary for a Digital Engineering Ecosystem to thrive:

§  Formalize the development, integration, and use of models to inform enterprise and program decision making

§  Provide an enduring, authoritative source of truth

§  Incorporate technological innovation to improve the engineering practice

§  Establish a supporting infrastructure and environment to perform activities, collaborate, and communicate across stakeholders

§  Transform the culture and workforce to adopt and support digital engineering across the life cycle

07/02/19: Intravaia concluded an extensive and multinational fact finding investigation that only Intravaia could have conducted period: “Mr. Javorsky's investigative work was the key to proving my innocence in a complex criminal case. I was falsely accused of a crime, I was facing prison, loss of my career, and the ability to provide for my family. Mr. Javorsky conducted an exhaustive multinational investigation which uncovered incriminating evidence against my accuser. Further, a long history of victimization of other men was also discovered. Mr. Javorsky contacted other victimized men overseas, their lawyers, provided translation for documentation, secured their support for my case, and ultimately helped proved my innocence. Today I have my freedom and my integrity is sound in the eyes of the law and my family. Mr. Javorsky's diligence, breadth of experience, and professionalism helped save my life.”

Nicholas Sandmann Defamation Lawsuit:

Update 07/26/19: Covington student’s defamation case against Washington Post and others dismissed by a federal judge. Regardless, this will be won on appeal.

This is a fantastic and correct summary of this lawsuit, which has set the foundation of all future lawsuits against politically biased media, politicians, and actors for defamation. Due diligence, conducting thorough and complete investigations is paramount to prevent a suit, none of which was done. This complaint should be the main assignment in law school. Sandmann is going to win this case period and will be a deterrent for other identical incidents.

05/01/19: This is one of the best arguments for Elon Musk/Tesla, SpaceX  and the clear media and business black out of their accomplishments. NASA and hundreds of other associated companies are benefiting from what Elon Musk has accomplished. It is irrefutable. American car industry should have matched this product superiority level years ago. Chamath Palihapitiya on Elon Musk / Tesla :

04/23/19: Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2018: The FBI has designated 27 shootings in 2018 as active shooter incidents. The FBI defines an active shooter as one or more individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a populated area.

03/15/19 Spring ATAP NW meeting at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, WA. The ATAP NW Chapter in partnership with the Pacific Coast’s Analyst Roundtable (PCAR) is offering a morning of training focusing on “Operating in a Disaster”. The agenda will include speakers from PCAR and ATAP NW Chapter.

03/17/19: Intravaia began a personnel investigation involving a complaint concerning the alleged violations of Chapter 42.23.070 RCW - Code Of Ethics For Municipal Officers - Prohibited Acts 1.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 500 Fifth Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

03/21/19: National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement - Building Public Trust Through Police Accountability and Transparency: Julie E. Buchwald, Community Relations Coordinator and Special Investigator General for the Office of the Inspector for the Los Angeles Police Department will discuss best practices and effective strategies for civilian oversight agencies when working with the media.

04/11/19 Northrop Grumman, in collaboration with the USC Center for Economic Development, cybersecurity training to small businesses through an Air Force Small Business Office Mentor Protégé Program. Covers cybersecurity requirements mandated under Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 204.73. We will focus on understanding the risks associated with safeguarding controlled unclassified DoD information.

The Seattle Public Library - Conference Room, 1000 Fourth Ave, Seattle, WA 98104-1109  

02/04/19: The Washington State Legislature passed HB 1064.  The Governor is expected to sign the bill on Monday, February 4.  Once signed, the bill will immediately become law due to the emergency provision.

Here is a summary of what this amended version of I-940 does:

§  Fixed an unintended consequence of I-940 that would have decertified officers when, for example, they were on military leave;

§  Cleaned up language about first aid being a "paramount duty." This created an unintended possibility of requiring officers to prioritize providing first aid despite an ongoing public safety concern, such as an active shooter;

§  The new version has a simpler and clearer definition of the deadly force standard, and balances community concerns with the challenges of law enforcement’s duty to make split-second decisions;

§  Both I-940 and HB 1064 remove "malice" from the definition of use-of-deadly-force standard;

§  Both versions require independent investigations of deadly-force incidents, a significant change. The Criminal Justice Training Commission will hold rulemaking on the definition of what constitutes an independent investigation;

§  Clarifies notifications to tribal governments when an officer’s use of deadly force results in the death of a tribal member; and

§  Adds clarification of reimbursement of defense costs if officers are acquitted or found not guilty.

01/11/19 We attended NW Chapter of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) training on Houses of Worship. This included protection and care in our houses of worship, federal law enforcement experts, and a multi-faith panel discussion. FBI Special Agent Kera O’Reilly provided these links:

Announcement: 10/29/18: Intravaia was awarded a three year government contract to conduct workplace investigation services related to complaints of alleged employee misconduct. Intravaia will also be on-call consultants for employment related matters.

Announcement: 12/20/18: Missing Native American Women: During the 2018 Legislative Session House Bill 2951 was introduced and passed by law makers.  Intravaia is proud and humbled to be working with the Washington State Patrol along with the Governor's Office of Indian Affairs, on completion of the new WA State HB 2951.  This bill addresses how to increase reporting and investigating missing Native American women.  Current objectives are: 1) Establishing written communication with the 29 tribes.  2) Scheduling a series of meetings with tribal communities around the state to explain what tools the group has to offer.  3) Establish dialogue with tribal members. Next meeting: 

December 21st. from 1:00pm-4:00pm.

Description: The Tlingit and Haida WA Chapter/Seattle Community Council and The Washington State Patrol along with the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs invites you to take part in the community outreach regarding, missing Native American women.

House . 2951 – WSP to conduct a study to increase state criminal justice protective and investigative resources for reporting and identifying missing Native American women in the state.

Convene meetings to consult and collaborate with: 
• Tribal and local law enforcement 
• Federally recognized tribes 
• Urban Indian organizations
• Determine the scope of the problem 
• Identify barriers 
• Create partnerships to increase reporting and investigation

WSP will work with The Federal department of justice to increase information sharing and coordinating resources to focus on the reporting and investigating missing Native American Women

Day Break Star Indian Cultural Center, 5011 Bernie Whitebear Way, Seattle, WA 98199

Update: 07/18/18: Seattle, WA: "BlueGene14" If you or someone you know recently received one of these letters please contact us.  A WA subject of very high net worth received an anonymous extortion letter from BlueGene14 at their residence, not through the USPS, demanding $15,000 be sent via bitcoin to a provided receiving bitcoin address or the suspect will provide the victim's family and friends with alleged embarrassing information. We do know there are other victims in the U.S. that received a similar letter from BlueGene14. We have our darkweb/crypto currency tech working on this right now, so I wanted to share some intel and share some pro-active steps. See:


Also see:


Update: 03/21/18 WA Governor: Dozens of bills signed into law, including on sexual harassment, equal pay and guns:   

Intravaia offers independent police oversight and review, personnel investigations, business intelligence services, & risk management to government & businesses based in Seattle, WA, and throughout the U.S.  We specialize in workplace violence risk assessment, threat assessment, complaints, adverse civil litigation, evaluation of criminal investigations,  use of force, policy assessment, and incident resolution.

Intravaia conducts executive level personnel investigations: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, Hostile Work Environment, Employee Misconduct/Just Cause, Employee Performance Issues, and Computer Forensics.  "At a certain point you’re either for an independent and impartial investigation, or you’re not." Nikki Haley, United States Ambassador to the United Nations 04/10/18

Intravaia recommends:

Intravaia is a member of the following organizations: 

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals - NW Chapter 

Risk Management Society NW Chapter

Association of Washington Cities.  

National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement       

HSIN Homeland Security Information Network

Intravaia suggests the following resources:

Office of the Director of National Intelligence: The National Counterterrorism Center

Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC) FBI - Private Industry - DHS

We provide program development and training for hostile work environment risk assessment, management and conflict resolution.  Our diverse group of men and women are all prior law enforcement officers and/or military personnel with extensive experience, and training.  They possess backgrounds with city, state, federal law enforcement agencies.  We are also an approved U.S. federal government, WA State, city and county contractor.  Intravaia conducts business out of the Columbia Tower, 701 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Intravaia has been certified as a King County Small Contractor and Supplier (SCS) firm. This also includes Port of Seattle and Sound Transit.  We are in the business directory of the Puget Sound Business Journal

Intravaia is proud and humbled to be conducting personnel investigations for the King County Prosecuting Attorney, Civil Division. The Civil Division is the county's in-house law firm. It serves as legal counsel to the Metropolitan King County Council, the County Executive and all Executive departments, the Sheriff, the Superior and District Courts, the County Assessor.

Intravaia is extremely honored to be an approved vendor with the State of WA Department of Enterprise Services to conduct Personnel Investigations: Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, Hostile Work Environment, Employee Misconduct/Just Cause, Employee Performance Issues, and Computer Forensics.   

Intravaia conducts executive level personnel investigations for Bellevue College, 3000 Landerholm Circle SE, Bellevue, WA 98007.

Intravaia provides employment consulting and personnel investigations for the King County Department of Executive Services and Human Resources.   

Intravaia is very pleased to be conducting investigative work for the King County Department of Public Defense Conflict Panel conducting follow-up defense work on homicide and other felony level crimes. Intravaia is very pleased to also be conducting criminal defense investigative work for Stein, Lotzkar & Starr, P.S throughout King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties—from district and municipal courts to the Washington State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Intravaia conducts investigative work for the City of Seattle Municipal Court Public Defense Services. 

Confidentiality, Professionalism, & Integrity

We are fully licensed WA State private investigators #3655, and insured. We work with several top level law firms in Seattle and across the country to address proper resolution utilizing civil and/or criminal options partnered with our specialized investigations.  Our backgrounds allow us to act as a proper liaison with law enforcement to include federal authorities.



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