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Physical Protection

We offer domestic and protective services for businesses, VIPs, executives, and individuals. Personal safety of our clients is paramount. Services are available for one-day or long term assignments. All assignments are held to the highest standard of confidentiality.  Our low-key and levelheaded professionals use their skill in advance planning and logistical coordination to safeguard private and corporate clients who need discreet, high-level protection services.  We have years of experience in such real life "hands on" life threatening incidents and have experience avoiding such incidents before they develop.  On 06/14/17, Intravaia received Crisis Intervention Specialist Certification I and II (CCIS) Training - WA State Criminal Justice Training Center and was certified by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA).  

We provide corporate clients the means to be proactive in responding to or avoiding workplace violence issues, including responding to threats made to management personnel, the company, or its employees, as well as providing qualified personnel to be present as peace keepers during employee terminations.  Executive protection details are customized to fit your situation.  We have experience in work place violence incidents and programs to reduce the chances for such an incident.

Physical protection details are customized to fit each situation and can be deployed to protect you and your family from a wide array of threats.  An unavoidable reality for many of our high net worth clients, is the increased risk surrounding the safety of their family, be it children or grandchildren.

We can evacuate the client and their families in an emergency.  Intravaia integrates and deploys the latest physical, technical security measures and countermeasures to protect the client's life, family, corporate assets, and property. Investigators are state licensed and have extensive training in defensive tactics, counter surveillance methods, defensive driving skills, CPR, first-aid and firearms use.

  • Individual and Families

  • Entertainment Celebrities

  • High Net-Worth Individuals and their Families

  • Sports Figures

  • Corporate Executives

  • High Profile Individuals

  • Private Jet and Yacht Charter Operations

  • Overseas Vacationers

  • Political Candidates